The Department of Public Dreams (DPD) program relishes in the arts as a tool for community engagement, education, experimentation and community vibrancy. DPD offers classes, workshops and collaboration focused on creative, arts-based place-making and place-based education. Here's a sampling of classes and workshops we have offered to all ages:

  • hand-drawn map making
  • community mapping
  • nature journaling 
  • neighborhood design exploration
  • youth zine making
  • lantern and parade making 
  • What's your DPD idea? We would love to hear about it!

"Making art with the Department of Public Dreams helps me explore my own imagination."  

- Map Maker, Eleanor, Age 8

DPD is brilliant at making spaces where people of all types and talents can come together to create.  Claire is a gifted artist who is patient, welcoming and encouraging. She celebrates the process as much as the product. My children and I have loved the opportunity to work alongside her. She is a valuable contributor to the creative scene.” 

- Andrea Ward, Art workshop participant

If you like making maps, you’ll love this class.” - Map Maker, Ethan Age 8