Community Planning and Design

Ear to the Ground is experienced in all facets of community planning and design, from project management, public engagement and outreach, action planning and design-concept development. Areas of work include:

  • municipal and land use planning 
  • concept design development for playgrounds, parks and gardens
  • master planning for trails, walk-bike connections, downtown/village centers
  • communication graphics
  • concept maps
  • site analysis
  • organizational support



Residential Planning and Design

Ear to the Ground can provide site analysis, planning and design consultation for private land, gardens, raingardens and other outdoor spaces. Installation of small gardens are considered on a project by project basis.  

  • site planning
  • landscape and garden design consultation and/or installation 
  • planting plans
  • site analysis
  • highest, best value studies

In a very timely manner, Claire developed a landscape design and cost estimate that was visually appealing and practically useful. Her excellent work helped St. Paul’s Episcopal Church secure multiple grants for our public streetscape project."

- Sarah Stroup, Client.

"She understands the complexities of serving a diverse and economically challenged population and understands our communities well–through the lenses of social, economic, health and environmental issues." -  Planning Commission Member

"Claire brought clarity, sensitivity and a depth of thinking to the table to create a sense of ease for those of us who recognized right away that Claire had our back." - Walk-Bike Council Member